The Gordon Bennet Classic 

This hugely popular event takes each year since it was first celebrated on the 100th anniversary in 2003. Beginning on the Friday of the Irish June bank holiday, it prides itself on being the oldest motor sporting event of the year. It welcomes classic petrol heads from all over the globe to join in this, journey back in time experience. And what an experience it is, to sit in your timeless masterpiece of an automobile, whist drinking in the awe-inspiring splendour of the Irish countryside or ambling through the quaint and curious little towns. Even if you’re not taking part, it is an equally thrilling experience to be an onlooker. And if you have never had any desire to own or drive one of these vehicles before, trust that at the end of the day you will.

The original Gordon Bennett route was first run in 1903 by the playboy son of the founder of the New York Herald and travelled through the charming country sides and villages of Kildare, Carlow and Laois. However, instead of the neck braking race it once was, this event invites you to take a gentler approach and to travel at your own pace whilst embracing the experience of a weekend filled with fun, nostalgia and liked minded individuals. How can vintage motor enthusiasts resist